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Water Tank Sales Installation and RepairsWater Tank Sales, Installation and Repairs.

  • We supply and install poly water tanks and pumps in various shapes and sizes.

  • Our tanks are sourced from various manufacturers which ensures our prices remain competitive.

  • We also attend to installations and repairs to all poly tanks and pumps.

Polyethylene tanks are popular in Australia. It’s made of a lighter material. This makes it easier to transport. It’s also much easier to install in any space, whereas metal tanks need to have a special stand. These tanks are more versatile. They come in many shapes and sizes. This makes them a popular choice for many homes and businesses.

Here at Weightman, we provide high quality water tanks for private, commercial and industrial purposes. We don’t just supply the tanks. We ensure that you’re satisfied with the product. Should you encounter any problems with the tank, all you have to do is call us for maintenance and repairs.

Underground Location Services

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  • Cable Location

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  • Leak Detections

    HELP SAVE OUR PRECIOUS WATER SUPPLY Water is a precious commodity. If you’re wasting water, then you’re wasting money. Leaks
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