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Blocked Drain Cleaning Weightman Group

Blocked Drains, Sewer and Stormwater Drain Cleaning.

We use a high pressure cleaning unit that ranges to 5000 psi to clean and unblock drains. When we examine your blocked drain we start by looking at some of the common causes. These causes are broken into three categories:

  • A blockage is caused by an object introduced into the drain

    Blocked drainage can occur when objects are introduced into the drain. Tree roots can break through and cause and obstruction. Hair, food, soap, toys and many other things find their way into drains. Our camera technology allows us to identify the cause of the blockage and then we can tell you the best way to fix it.
  • Broken or worn pipes

    Broken or worn pipes also increase the chances of a blocked pipe. Our technology allows us to diagnose most problems without having to dig up all the pipes.
  • Poor installation

    Unfortunately, another common cause of block drains is poor installation. If the pipe is not installed on the correct angle, with quality materials they are prone to increased blockages. Weightman plumbing can assess the problem and give you practical solutions.


By using the latest closed circuit television (CCTV) equipment, we can provide you with a full report (including a DVD copy) of the condition of your drainage and sewerage system.

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