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Backflow Fixing and Prevention

Backflow is defined as the reverse flow of liquid into the potable water supply (cross connection).

Backflow prevention devices help protect the contamination of our drinking water supply by stopping the contaminated water from returning to our water supply.

Each backflow containment device must be tested on an annual basis by an accredited licensed plumber.

Fixing and Prevention of Backflow

We all need high water quality for our drinking water. What should you do if you start to smell or taste something off with your drinking, cooking or bathing water supply?

Stop using it and call us. You may have a backflow problem that needs to be fixed.

Backflow prevention devices can be installed to protect your water supply from contamination of other water sources that are not suitable for drinking. We can test and fix any issues you make have with backflow and put solutions in place that prevent any future backflow issues.

We specialise in:

  • The installation, commissioning and servicing of backflow devices.

  • Annual testing of backflow devices

  • Issuance of backflow device inspection and maintenance report.

Proper installation is vital to a working backflow, but it doesn’t stop there. Regular testing is needed to cut the risk of safety hazards. Inspection is also a very important aspect. This allows you to assess if you need any maintenance work done, and ensures that the backflow is working as it should be.

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